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What Is Health?

Disclaimer – I am not a medical practitioner, and this document is by no means a command it is a guide to a better you and a better life through mediums that worked for me on my road to recovery, yes, I was a very sick person and each element within this serves a holistic purpose to heal the very root issue that many humans have and cannot see.

What does it mean to be healthy?

Well for starters health must be looked at as holistically, what is your lifestyle, how is your life structured and what serves you as well as what does not serve you? What we do day by day is stacks and stacks to create the person you are in this very moment and as I explain each element you will understand how.

These 4 categories are interlinked and rather than try to do too many of each find a combination of 2 from each to implement into your daily or weekly routine, big change starts with small incremental steps day to day that builds consistently to create that change, that’s everlasting and sustainable.


· Walk as often as possible and vary your walking speed, a brisk walk will activate many of the healthy processes within the body. The average human should get 6000 steps daily.

· Try not to sit for long periods of time as it is not natural for us (Max 45mins) then walk around for 5 mins and carry on.

· Breath deeply through your diaphragm to calm your body and mind, and switch from fight or flight (sympathetic) to rest and relax (parasympathetic).

· Daily house chores are great to keep the body generally fit, by lifting, carrying, moving, cleaning, and so on is the way humans have stayed healthy from the dawn of time.

· Stretching is very important in daily life and from a longevity perspective. Just 10 minutes daily will loosen the tension in all the parts of your body and you will move with ease, also when you stretch you will connect to your body and its parts and when something doesn’t feel right you will know because of the that consistent connect.

· Vitamin D is essential to a long happy life. Yes, the sun is very important and morning light 2 hours after sunrise is wonderful for you and will transform the way you look, literally it made me younger, and you will feel so great more energetic and confident in your image.

· Keep your environment fresh and clean by airing out your spaces, open a door or window for an hour in the morning or in the evening, also open your bed and air it out, let the sun clean out the bugs with its beautiful rays.


· Read something for 10 minutes a day (book, magazine, article anything just get something new in.

· Write for 5 minutes a day, in a diary, journal, or on your devices. It’s very therapeutic to write and I have been journalizing for 3 years now it has changed my life.

· When you feel overwhelmed go to a safe space, sit or lay down and close your eyes, breath deeply, and think of your favourite thing in the world I guarantee what is happening at that moment will pass “This too shall pass”

· Your mind and your environment are a reflection of one another so clean your space then your mind will organize itself and be more efficient because there are less “clutter” or distractions in the mind for it to think amount, think of a car with a full tank everything takes fuel so the more time you spend thinking about the thing that doesn’t matter the more fuel you spend and the less you’ll have to shape the life you really want.

· Thoughts are just thoughts, the average human has 60000 unspoken thoughts daily so don’t believe everything you think, the brain is wired to survive so it's constantly going crazy in keeping you safe learn to understand that something isn’t true they don’t serve you and find ways to be more conscious about what thoughts you do want to have because the ones you want will come out, thought is also nothing until action is attached so think about that.


· It is absolutely in your best interest to have a regular and consistent sleeping and waking routine.

· Your circadian rhythm is connected to all the functions within the body it’s the steering wheel on your car (body) it tells all the hormones in the body yes or no according to this rhythm and of course, some things must be produced in the morning and some at night.

· 7-9 hours of consistent sleep will ensure your body is getting the right fuel. Yes, sleep is fuel if you don’t sleep you won’t have energy and if you sleep all over the place it would be like switching between petrol and diesel and that will damage your car (you)

· You are only as strong as your weakest thought so if something is bothering to speak about it, journal about it, or just sit and think about it, remember the stories we tell ourselves are usually untrue, and getting it out will give you that perspective.

· The feeling of connection is so powerful and important to our overall health so during sunrise and sunset and like to just be present, sit and watch observe life and see how small and insignificant everything is, watching the change and connecting to the greatness of all life of all creation on this planet. The greatest things in life are free.

Food and What it does –

The gut is your second brain it is connected to the brain through something called the Vegas nerve which runs from your head down your spine into the gut, think about it as an express highway (The autobahn) what you eat and how you feel in your gut, will send signals to your brain about how you feel and that will intern become who you are. It controls the production of all the hormones in the body HGH, Serotonin, Dopamine, and so on, so good sleep and good eating go hand in hand to create a balanced inner self which interns create a better outer self, yes it starts within ourselves. There is a saying “listen to your gut” but no one says listen to your brain.

There is something like 7 trillion bacteria in our stomach making us more bacteria than human, each one has a mind of its own, is unique, and serves a purpose that’s why a varied diverse diet is absolutely vital.

How may you ask?

Eat farm to table – Go to the farmer

Eat whole foods – From Nature

Eat the colours of the rainbow – Green, Yellow, Red, orange

Eat Hunter gather – things that come from your area or the area you are in. Processed foods don’t have nutrients they are empty calories.

Eat grass-fed free-range animals that are happy and have good lives and if you don’t know this information don’t eat it.

Drink at least 2-3 Liters of water a day the body is comprised of at least 60% water.

· Fasting between dinner and breakfast for 12-16 hours every day is ideal as it creates consistency and gives the body time to clean out and restart for the next day and the new food you’ll eat. (Think of it as maintenance) Extended periods of fasting 24-36 hours have been proven to reduce the risk of cancer but please consider your body type and circumstance rather start with 12-16 then move up monthly 2 hours to 18 then 20 then 22 and so on.

· Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed so that your body and digestive system can work through your food before you sleep otherwise it will steal your sleep. If the body digests food for 2 hours while you sleep, you will only feel as if you slept for 6 hours instead of 8 when you wake up. Sam applies for alcohol is your liver is digesting when you sleep that sleep won’t count as sleep the body will be in a very light phase of sleep until digestion stops then into will go into a deep sleep.

· My ultimate food advice is to refrain from processed sugars and stick to natural sugar like honey, stevia, or syrup. Sugar drinks are pure sugar and sweat’s are very much the same. Choose organic natural options for your favourite treats to try things made with natural ingredients, things on labels that you can’t pronounce or can’t find on the shelf that should not be eaten.

· Coffee and high amounts of sugars should be avoided after 2-3 pm as these substances make the body buzz and this will affect the processes in the body in the evening while it tries to turndown and get you ready for bed, if you go to bed awake then it’s because of these substances. The body is connected to the sunrise and sunset biologically no matter what you think or does this is a given the body wakes up when the sun comes up and it starts shutting down when the sun goes down. It is unnatural for the body to be forced to stay awake at night and made to sleep through the morning that’s why you feel even more tired when you sleep in.

· Oils are some of the worst inflammatory substances on the market, they destroy the micro-biome and cause pain in the body. The best oils for us are Avo Oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil (do not heat over smoking point), and Flaxseed oil. All cheap vegetable oils that many restaurants use are toxic to the body and make me instantly sick.

Let’s do our small part by not buying plastic bags or using single-use plastic, TAKE YOUR OWN Bags or ask for a BOX.

If you can buy from the source, the farmers as they are the reason, we have what we have.

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