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Leopards are elusive and secretive.

A picture tells a 1000’s words.
Furthermore …
You are buying the image to use however you want and there a limited amount of each.
Taken on Sony mirrorless cameras 
A7III or A9II and recently I just got the A7IV
I use lightroom and photoshop to edit.
My images are real as I do not manipulate the colours I love them the way they were taken.
The images are taken as a Raw file – 48mb in size – This is ideal for printing as the quality is so high
I can facilitate in helping you print your art and ship it to you. The business, Art of Print, and I work hand and hand and are trusted by some of the biggest named photographers in the country.
My suggestion is go to the website and look at pricing and options and give them a call – Dewald or Tammy
Email me and we can talk about what you are looking for I have a library of 2000 exceptional photos.

Portal Eyes

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