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As your local guide and facilitator, I'm here to ensure your safari exceeds expectations. Whether it's arranging additional activities, providing insider tips, or navigating the complexities of local roads, my presence ensures a seamless and enriching experience.

The roads are extremely challenging due to over congestion o, f traffic and people. The worst elements are potholes, people especially children going to or coming from school, cows and goats and lastly taxis, trucks and really unworthy vehicles. I suggest that you do not drive at night or when it is dark people walk on the roads and people drive drunk a lot especially on weekends, wild animals also run out onto the road in front of the car because of the lights. Rent a high car with big wheels in case you hit pothole you are less likely to get a puncture and have AAA as an emergency contact. Get an MTN and Vodacom sim card so that you have signal almost everywhere

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