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Q: What can travellers expect when booking a safari with you?


A: When you book a safari with me, you're not just booking accommodation and game drives. You're investing in an experience tailored to your preferences and guided by a seasoned expert.


Q: What's included in the price of lodging per day?


A: Our lodging packages typically include accommodation, meals, and guided game drives. Additionally, you'll have access to amenities such as swimming pools, lounges, and sometimes spa facilities depending on the lodge.


Q: How do you ensure safe passage from the airport to the destination?


A: We prioritize safety and comfort from the moment you land. Either a trusted employee or I will be there to greet you at the airport, assist with luggage, and facilitate a smooth transfer to your chosen destination.


Q: When is the best time of year to visit Africa for a safari?


A: The best times for safaris are during the summer months, from November to February. Despite the heat and occasional rain, this period offers lush green landscapes and the opportunity to witness baby animals. Alternatively, from May to October, the dry season prevails. Mornings and evenings may be cooler, but animal sightings are often more frequent due to thinner bush and fewer water sources.


Q: How convenient is travel within Africa?


A: Travel within Africa is made easy with flights connecting major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Hoedspruit. These flights ensure safe and convenient travel, allowing you to focus on your safari experience without the hassle of complicated logistics.


Q: What role do you play once travellers arrive in South Africa?


A: As your local guide and facilitator, I'm here to ensure your safari exceeds expectations. Whether it's arranging additional activities, providing insider tips, or navigating the complexities of local roads, my presence ensures a seamless and enriching experience.


Q: Why should travellers trust experts like yourself for their safari planning?


A: Trusting an experienced guide is paramount in navigating the nuances of African safaris. The expertise and knowledge gained over years of exploration simply can't be replicated by online research. From understanding the best times to visit to navigating local customs and wildlife behaviour, relying on a knowledgeable guide ensures an unforgettable safari adventure.


Q: Any final tips for travellers embarking on an African safari?


A: My top tip is simple: trust the experts. While the internet offers a wealth of information, nothing beats the personalized guidance and insights of a seasoned safari guide. From avoiding misinformation to maximizing your time in the bush, entrusting your safari plans to a knowledgeable guide is the key to a successful and memorable adventure.


In conclusion, planning a safari in Africa is not just about booking accommodation and game drives; it's about investing in an experience tailored to your preferences and guided by a seasoned expert. With safe and convenient travel options, expert guidance on the ground, and insider knowledge to enhance your safari experience, trusting in a knowledgeable guide ensures an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Africa.


Q; Why is it not safe not to drive in South Africa unexperienced and what are the best tips for drivers?

The roads are extremely challenging due to over congestion of traffic and people. The worst elements are potholes, people especially children going to or coming from school, cows and goats and lastly taxis, trucks and unworthy vehicles. I suggest that you do not drive at night or when it is dark people walk on the roads and people drive drunk a lot especially on weekends, wild animals also run out onto the road in front of the car because of the lights. Rent a high car with big wheels in case you hit a pothole you are less likely to get a puncture and have AAA as an emergency contact. Get an MTN and Vodacom sim card so that you have a signal almost everywhere.

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